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REVIEW: Sweet Dreams Are Made of These.

Let me begin by saying that I have always been a night owl. No amount of trying to switch my tricky circadian rhythm has worked and so I’ve had to accept that I am simply mostly mentally energetic in the wee hours. I’ve prowled society in the mornings on the 9-5 grind with my second coffee in hand, grudgingly admiring and openly resenting the can-do attitude morning people embody. But mostly wishing I could go back to bed.

Then there are the nights when even once the clock strikes 2am I cannot get to bed before an hour or more of tossing and turning. I’ve envied the kind of people who put their head to a pillow and are out in 10 seconds, snoring. I’ve known many such people, and I don’t think they understand the great gift of a consistent goodnight’s rest the Universe has bestowed upon them.

My tried and tested Goodnight Kiss Kit: Viridi Gold Sleep CBD drops, Woolworths Forty Winks tea, Flora Force St John’s Wort and Clicks Herbal Tranquilizers.

So when the time came to test ViRiDi Gold’s Sleep CBD drops I was there (scroll to the bottom for an exclusive 15% off code). And after posting that I’d be trialing their sleep remedy, the response showed me that I was not the only one in need of a cure for my crazy nighttime brain. Which isn’t surprising considering the sleep industry is estimated to be worth $114.15 Billion by 2025. Evidently sleep is serious business y’all.

So here, I’ve compiled my Goodnight Kiss Kit which includes all natural remedies that I find help in conjunction with CBD in getting you back to bed.

ViRiDi GOLD CBD Sleep Drops

If this is your first encounter with CBD here’s a quick rundown: Cannabinoid oil is a THC-free derivative of cannabis that does not get you high but has been proven to help with inflammation, pain, anxiety and more (lots more).

I’ve tried full spectrum (THC included) CBD in capsule form for anxiety but not THC-free and not specifically to aide sleep. ViRiDi GOLD CBD is farmed in Lesotho, THC-free, vegan-friendly, pesticide free, 3rd party lab-tested and GNMP approved. Ie: It’s wholesome AF. The sleep drops are blended with specific botanicals for sleep. With reviews like “This product has completely changed the game for me when it comes to getting a good nights rest”, I was excited to give it a go. It’s now a staple on my bedside table.

Like many can relate I have struggled with anxiety and bouts of depression, and I’ve identified that sleeplessness is one of the signs I’m experiencing either or both (see a full list of signs you might be anxious/depressed). These periods are different to being a night owl – in which case CBD serum would most definitely aide- because you still get sleepy, you just cannot quiet your mind enough to sleep. In this case, along with your own personal coping mechanisms (because everyone’s differs) I couple CBD with other natural remedies like these:

St John’s Wort

This herbal treatment is lauded for easing anxiety and depression and it’s worth the hype, imo. Despite the off-putting name this pretty yellow flower has been used for hundreds of years to assist with “mild and moderate depression, and sometimes seasonal affective disorder (SAD), mild anxiety and sleep problems”. There are many brands and forms of St Johns Wort for consumption but I use Flora Force tablets. Take it in the morning, and then CBD at night.

Woolworths Forty Winks Tea

Besides being effing delicious and featuring notes of vanilla, Forty Winks tea will have you feeling all cosy and your eyelids feeling all droopy in a hot minute. This rooibos tea is infused with chamomile and lavender and is just generally a good idea before bed. You can use any lavender and/or chamomile tea.

Clicks Herbal Tranquilizer

A “mild tranquiliser of natural plant origin that can help with nervousness, sleeplessness and anxiety”. When I am feeling especially anxious- whether because of a mad work schedule, back to back castings and shoots or you know, I find myself remembering I’m in the midst of a global pandemic- I take these and supplement them with the following:

  1. Good venting session with a friend

  2. Some journaling (or a lot of journaling)

  3. Daily deep breaths

  4. Lots of self TLC

I read a quote that went something like: the ability to sleep straight away comes with having inner peace. Which frankly made me feel quite attacked at first I must admit. But after some thought it made complete sense to me that in order to get a good nights sleep you have to have a peaceful mind, and it’s worth remembering that that’s something you have to nurture before and after you get out of bed.

NB: These reviews are not meant to imply natural remedies are the best and only way to medicate yourself if you struggle with mental illness, or even that medication is the only treatment. Please consult your pharmacist or doctor – especially if you are currently on medication for mental illness or contraception- as some of them may affect the effectiveness of these medications.

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