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More Mochi, More Life.

Glutinous rice cakes and sweets are common treats across Asia, especially present during Chinese New Year (which falls on the 12th February this year). It’s this time of year that mochi appears on my radar, usually covered in sesame seeds and filled with red bean paste. Two years ago I attempted to introduce this gooey goodness to my friends at a Chinese food themed Christmas Eve dinner party and it divided the table (leaving me and my sister to finish them off – which we weren’t complaining about). The truth is: You either love or hate mochi and either way there’s only one way to find out.

Mochi choices (via @mochimochi_za)

I clearly fall in the former category, so when I happened upon Molten Toffee x Mochi Mochi – a pop-up by Tjing Tjing restaurant (who are already a firm fave of mine)- I had to introduce Chad to it. Fortunately for our relationship, he was an instant fan 😂. Mochi Mochi has taken two of my favourite food things (good coffee and kitsch treats) and combined them.

Their mochi flavours include Tonka Bean Chocolate, Turkish Delight and Matcha (each super decently priced at R14). Naturally I ordered a few along with a melonpan (Japanese sweet bun) and black coffee to wash it down. ☕

Melonpan (via @mochomochi_za)

As if the food wasn’t enough reason to visit, the spot on Longmarket St (next to momma restaurant Tjing Tjing nogals), is decorated with kawaii-themed art and offers window seating, a booth and tables so whether you plan to stop by for a takeaway, a quick treat or a long meeting there are plenty options. I’ll definitely be back for more mochi because once wasn’t enough!

MOLTEN TOFFEE X MOCHI MOCHI ON INSTAGRAM / 161 Longmarket St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town


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