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I Found a Place That Tastes Like Home.

Is it a coincidence or fate that the morning I open an old Fresh Living magazine and read about chef Nolu Dube-Cele’s Seven Colours Eatery that I stumble upon it later that day? It’s easy to assume the former but that just takes the magic out of it doesn’t it, and that would be a shame because that’s what Nolu does when she serves you food that transports you to back to her grandmother’s kitchen. Magic served in the form of food through colour, comfort, taste and fond memories. ✨

I tell Nolu my story and marvel ‘What are the chances!” And she happily shares her story with me. The name is a “nickname for the meals dished to guests and family members each time we gather for family events.” This experience is illustrated in her aim to include as many bright veggies (in all their lovely hues) and grains in her dishes just as her grandmother did.

It’s a food hack to good nutrition that takes the guessing out of the diet pyramid and adds all the yum. As a demonstration of this ethos, Nolu prepares me a special dish of multiple grains which she lovingly describes in detail: homemade chakalaka, sorghum (amabele), millet, samp and beans (umgqusho), beetroot and coleslaw. Plus a side of the most delicious chicken potjie that has ever passed my lips. 👀

I say that I’m happy to see she’s still going, considering the last few months (no need for further explanation) which has put the food industry through hell, and she tells me that it has been hard. She had hoped to open a restaurant but for now will continue to serve her signature wholesome, healthy and proudly South African meals at markets. I have no doubt that her passion for soul food and nutrition will see this dream become a reality.

After I’ve hogged her chill sauce and dolloped a generous amount on my meal I do my best to wipe my plate clean. Which wasn’t hard and tbh I think I did a great job even if my grandma (and hers) would probably disagree. Next time I’ll come more prepared (and ready for seconds). On my way out I thank Nolu. I feel as if I’ve shared something very special today and am eager to share some of that magic however I can myself. This I think is the feeling she’s aiming for. As it says on the Seven Colours Eatery Facebook page: It’s a soul food, home made, love kind of situation. ⁣💕

Drool over Seven Colours Eatery food pics on Instagram and Facebook, then find them at the V&A Food Market


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