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Hot Noodz 🔥: Women in Business with Nabeela Flowers.

In the first episode of Hot Noodz I chat to designer and founder of local streetwear brand, Flowers Are Nice, and co-founder of Lis vegan ice cream, the lovely Nabeela Flowers.

Nabeela and I met on the set of a project that focused on empowering the youth financially. Particularly those in creative fields. It was something I felt very strongly about and it was a message we both believed in. So it seemed only natural to chat about that very topic, giving our insight into what it’s like to launch your own business and then of course the specific challenges you might face as a woman. But don’t think that these challenges (or the advice given on them) are only applicable to women- it’s a conversation I think anyone can take something from. I definitely walked away feeling a lot more empowered and excited about my career journey.

From overcoming self-doubt to encouraging other women in business and refusing to be boxed in, we covered it babe. It’s all here in under 10 minutes, uncensored and authentic conversation over a spicy bowl of fiery hot noodz . 🥵 Enjoy!



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