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From Home with Love: A Local Wishlist.

A list of local products and stores to make your home more homey, all made at home in South Africa. ❤

The economic and social impact of the pandemic and recent unrest mean that many people have lost their jobs, need extra income or have switched career lanes entirely by launching a new business. Launching a new business is difficult, and support in the form of purchasing or even sharing is invaluable. It's never been a better time, easier time or more mandatory time to slowly begin switching to local.

Besides the main goal of supporting local businesses and artists (therefore strengthening the economy and positively impacting peoples' lives directly) the many other bonuses are:

  • Local products tend to be more environmentally friendly (if not only because they are not imported and therefore skip the extra carbon footrprint of being transported)

  • They create employment

  • They are generally more conscious in regards to community upliftment and social outreach

I've rounded up 10 of my favourite stores or products to get you started, all from the comfort of your own home:


Chances are Tribe Coffee is already a firm favourite to grab a cup on the go. But did you know that they've launched their own coffee range, for you to take home? Their range comes in the form of whole beans and filter grind, packaged in gorgeous tins that are awesome to collect and reuse. I'm a big fan of the Chocolate Block and Malawi Gold ground coffee.


First off I am not a tea person. Or at least I thought so until I found Northern Plateau's instant iced tea powder. Man, oh man. Add honey or sugar and mix it up with fresh lemon or orange and BAM. Better than any store-bought iced tea. Their range also includes tea bags that come in flavours like honey, vanilla and lemon. Consider me a tea convert.

STOCK UP ALL THE FLAVOURS AT 378 Albert Road Salt River Circle

Delivery of fresh, organic produce based in Gauteng every week, and sourced from small scale farmers. Kind Crates is a business centered around people and community. Case in point: They're currently offering donation crates to help those affected in KZN. Try their Soup and Vitamin C crates for winter. PS: All crates come with recipes.

Here's a fresh produce delivery service for those based in Cape Town, all locally made and sourced. In Season includes a range of local dairy, bakery, coffee and pantry items such as Terbodore coffee, The Honey Room honey and Woodstock bakery sourdough. YUMMMM.



The play on words in the branding is enough to count me in but if you needed more proof that this toilet paper is Güdsheet then here are some: it uses plastic free packaging, is produced locally, is made from cane sugar AND a portion of sales goes to building toilets in SA. That's some 'feel good toilet paper' indeed

Completely customizable care boxes for that time of the month. Rani Box is also committed to eradicating period stigma. It's all about honouring the process our bodies go through every month and creating "an experience that you look forward to every month instead of dread." AMEN.


If I had the budget or the wall space to buy every print from female creatives @two.gin and @ginajeanz I would. The co-founders launched Moonhood Art to provide a curated collection of original artworks and their mission is to "to uplift our community and collaborate with like-minded artists, creatives, and individuals."

If your home is in need of some seriously sexy, unique and perfectly imperfect candles (which is in all likelihood, likely) look no further. These soy, paraffin and palm candles are perfect to put on display but are just as practical as they are pretty. Buy them individually or in bundles for yourself and for loved ones.



The Re-Store has rounded up a list of locally produced, esssential and zero waste goods for you to brows conveniently all in one place. From home items for the kitchen to the bathroom: there is so much goodness to choose from, the only issue is narrowing it down. Goodluck!

Offering SA their first online artist market, the Casual Sex Store stocks over 100 independent artist's music, artworks, merch and more. On my wishlist: ceramic, handmade ashtrays by artist Justus Kotze (pictured below) and Anca Popa's The Awakening oil artwork. Sit back, browse, buy and enjoy.


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