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A Women’s Wishlist- Evolving Revolver

A Women’s Wishlist is a collaboration consisting of a photo series and short interviews with multiple local women creatives. Putting a spin on the shopping wishlist, I curated a list of women in fashion and art, and asked them what their wish for the future of being female is. In honour of International Women’s Month this year, A Women’s Wishlist is a celebration of female creativity and entrepreneurship. It’s about more than the items we wear and want, but the future that women are building through business. Supporting female-run businesses is just one way we can empower women EVERY day, all year long. 💪💜

Add this JHB-based street brand, Evolving Revolver, to your radar. Founded by Zoliswa Mbadu.

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Styling: Evolving Revolver Jacket and bag + Rainbow Empire earrings / Creative Direction + Content Production: Zoya Pon (That Asian Girl) / Photography: Matt Ginsburg / Photography Assistant: Kayla Critchfield


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