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Recognising the duality of life has been humbling. Light and dark, hard and soft, good and bad, love and hate. Fast and slow. Light and shadow. Without each other they are nothing.

Nature to me is chaos and perfection- everything seems random yet it all happens in perfect order. Feminine energy mirrors this same creative chaos tempered with deep knowing. Neither nature or feminine energy are tameable, and both flourish with little interference. Without chaos there is no creation and without order there is no life. Together there is perfect harmony.

All creatives are working in this space between yin and yang , occupying chaos to create order and thereby bringing their vision to life. To uplifting and empowering each other, feeding creative energy by embracing its chaos and to trusting the process ✨

Featuring: @meow_marie_

Styling and production: @thatasiangirlza

Creative concept: @thomasxlanga

Photography: @flank_fortune

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